PPF in sports

While the automotive industry is one of the primary sectors that extensively uses Paint Protection Film (PPF), this versatile protective material finds applications in various other industries.  In the Sports industry, PPF is sometimes referred to as "Racket Guard Film" or "Sports Equipment Protective Film".

Sports Industry Uses

Racquet Longevity: A sports equipment manufacturer includes TPU Based Racket Guard Film on tennis and squash racquets. This extends the lifespan of the equipment and enhances player performance.

Adventure Sports Safety: Adventure sports enthusiasts apply TPU Based Sports Equipment Protective Film to outdoor equipment like helmets and climbing gear. The film protects against wear and tear, contributing to the safety of participants.

Ski Equipment Protection: TPU Based Sports Equipment Protective Film is used to protect the bases and edges of skis and snowboards. This enhances the durability and performance of the equipment, ensuring a better experience for winter sports enthusiasts.

Playground Equipment Durability: Public parks and schools apply TPU Based Sports Equipment Protective Film to playground equipment to safeguard against graffiti and reduce maintenance costs, providing safe and well-maintained play areas for children.